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Vitamine D

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Vitamine D
Vitamin D, name by which cholecalciferol is known has a biological behavior of a hormone and not a vitamin. The cholecalciferol is hardly provided by food. It is produced by a body organ - the skin - and interferes with over two hundred functions in each cell.

The broader cholecalciferol or vitamin D function is to balance the functioning of the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased incidence and clinical severity of autoimmune diseases. The restoration of adequate levels of Vitamin D facilitates clinical recovery and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

The deficiency of cholecalciferol or vitamin D can be manifested by fatigue and musculoskeletal pain, aggravation of osteoporosis, increasing incidence and severity of cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, allergic manifestations, and some cancers.

The restoration of adequate levels of Vitamin D requires, in some people, particularly in autoimmune patients, high doses of vitamin D.
High doses of cholecalciferol or vitamin D can be toxic. The safety of treatment with high doses of vitamin D requires the rigorous follow-up of a clinical protocol.

Dr. Cicero Coimbra, PhD, neurologist and professor of Medicine at the University of St. Paulo, Brazil, structured and applies for over two decades a clinical protocol for the treatment of autoimmune diseases with the reestablishment of adequate doses of vitamin D. This protocol has been proven to be safe and have clinical efficacy.

With his regular teaching and support we offer our customers, in this multidisciplinary consultation, the Dr Cicero Coimbra’s treatment protocol of autoimmune diseases with cholecalciferol, or vitamin D.

As the only team in Europe to implement the protocol of Dr. Cicero Coimbra, we provide consultations in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

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